Top 10 Forex Trading Tips You Should Know

Learning how to successfully trade Forex can be complicated for beginners. Most people want to get rich overnight, no matter how unrealistic it may sound.

The world of Forex trading can be a little overwhelming, especially if you are new to the game and don’t know the rules yet. You need to dip your toes in before you go any deeper.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 Forex tips for beginners to help you along your trading journey in 2018. If you already have experience with Forex trading, it’s always good to remember the basics.

1. Choose Your Broker Wisely

Choosing the right broker is half the battle. Take your time to check reviews and recommendations. Make sure the broker you choose is trustworthy and suits your trading personality.

Remember, there are lots of fake brokers out there who will only stand in your way. Go for an authorized broker with a license.

2. Create Your Trading Strategy

No list of currency trading tips is complete if it doesn’t mention strategies.

One of the most common mistakes beginner traders make is not creating an action plan. Figure out what you want to get out of trading. Having a clear end goal in mind will help with your trading discipline.

3. Learn how to trade from A-Z

As with every new practical learning activity, trading requires you to start with the basics and move slowly until you understand the playing field. Start by investing small sums of money and keep in mind that slow but steady wins the race.

4. Don’t get Emotional

Don’t let your emotions carry you away!

It can be very difficult at times, especially after you’ve experienced a losing streak. But keeping a level head will help you stay rational, so you can make competent choices.

Whenever you let your emotions get the better of you, you expose yourself to unnecessary risks.

5. Trading and Stress is not a good mix

This is one of the Forex tips that sounds obvious – because it really is.

But guess what? Trading under stress generally leads to irrational decisions and in live trading that will cost you money.

Therefore, identify the source of your stress and try to eliminate it or at least limit its influence on you. Take a deep breath and focus on something else.

Every person has their own way of overcoming stress – some listen to classical music, while others exercise. Listen to your mental health and learn what works best for you.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

Of all the Forex tricks and tips for beginners, this is the most important. You will never succeed at anything on your first try. Only constant trading practice can yield consistently top results.

But you probably don’t want to lose money while learning the basics, right?

Luckily for you, trading on a demo account costs nothing to set-up and not a cent more to use, for as long as desired.

7. Psychology is Key

When you’re planning your next move, you have to analyses market movements and your own psychology.

Do you show signs of confirmation bias?

Did you make a trade out of frustration?

What made you choose that particular currency pair?

Mastering your psychology will guard you from many losses, along the trading development path.

8. Risk is part of the game

Not even Forex trading tips and tricks can guarantee you success. When you decide to become a trader, you should have already accepted the possibility of failure.

In case you didn’t – here’s a reality check. You won’t make profitable trades 100% of the time

Don’t let false advertisements get in your head, either. Instead, be realistic about your Forex trading methods and goals.

9. Patience, Patience, Patience

When it comes to trading, the old saying is not just a cliché.

True success is never instant. It’s the result of consistent work and planning. Many beginner traders look for an easy, fast path to profit. Don’t bother – it doesn’t exist.

10. Never stop learning

Each day you trade, there’s a new lesson to be learned. So look closely at the Forex market and keep all our tips in mind. Start analysing news, trends, and financial processes and don’t neglect the Forex basics.

Most importantly, study, then practise… and study some more. Studying will require a lot of time and effort, but it will pay off in the long run

For starters, you can visit our free education centre for more Forex tips:

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