In Case You Think Forex Is A Get Rich Quick Scam

If you think Forex is one of those simple schemes where you can pop into it for a short period of time, make some fast cash and drop out, then you would be wrong. There is potential to be a fairly good income earner through Forex but it doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, there are a lot of factors that can impact the success of your Forex career. Here’s what a few of them look like.

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose

There is not a single Forex trader out there who will say they have never lost any money on a trade. If you ever meet one, he (or she) is lying unless the made a few bucks on their first trade and never traded again. As it turns out, about 90-percent of Forex traders lose some dough and it is their own fault. They either didn’t plan or train enough or they just can’t handle money.

You Need Some Dough In Order To Make Some Dough

If your power company just notified you that you have 30-days to come up with a few hundred dollars before they shut off your power, this is not the time to jump into Forex trading. Realistically you should have no less than $10,000 in your trading account that you can afford to take the odd beating on. You won’t get far opening an account with $25 and plans of becoming a multi-millionaire. It ain’t gonna happen.

There’s A Whole Lotta Skill Required

Here’s an example where you need to know what you are doing before you attempt it. Jump into a Formula One racecar and win your first race. Or how about this one? Hop on a horse and win the Triple Crown in your first three races. Not allowing for the odd fluke that probably does exist, you just can’t walk into a Forex brokers office and win with each and every trade you place. Especially if you’ve barely looked into what Forex trading actually is. It’s not like trading sandwiches with the kids at school during recess.

It’s Not Rocket Science, But You Need To Do Homework

If you are the type of person who more or less glided through school with a C- average because you didn’t do much studying, then Forex is going to be a hurdle. You need to posses study skills, the ability to read and understand different types of charts and formations as well as a lot of other learning stuff. If learning stuff just isn’t the way you do things, you may want to find something else to spend your time on because Forex isn’t that easy class we all took so we’d get a B once in our school years. Forex takes a lot of work and even the good traders are always updating their skills and studying. It’s the only way to get ahead in Forex trading because there are no shortcuts.

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