Forex Analysis – Fundamental

This form of analysis actually sounds a bit more technical in nature but it really isn’t. The data that you would collect that falls under the category of fundamental analysis would include economic information, social data and political climate conditions. You would then analyze all of these factors and determine how they affect the Forex market. Essentially you would be measuring these elements against such things as supply and demand and all of a sudden you’d be back in economics class wishing you had paid more attention to what you were being taught.

Real World Information

Okay, it is not as if the information you collect is going to indicate a complete crash in the money market. Nor is it going to give you much of a warning of some major conflict brewing outside the country you are trading currencies on. However, since as little as a single pip can make the difference in a good or a bad trade, any tiny edge you can get will come from the oodles of pages of data you have collected and scanned over time and time again.

Some Kind Of Example Of How This Works

We get that maybe not everyone understands economics. We also get that sometimes you just can’t account for that wild card scenario that pops out of nowhere and cuts everything off at the knees. However, we do know that if you are going to be a Forex trader of any kind, you will need to have an understanding of how the world affects money and how that can affect your Forex trading account. So, here’s an example of fundamental analysis.

1 – The US Dollar

Let’s suppose that the US Dollar has been strengthened by positive activity in the US economy. With the improvements taking place in the US economy the banks are confident enough to start increasing their interest rates. They do that to keep a handle on inflation and the overall growth rate of the US. The higher interest rates attract investment activity and as a result the value of the US dollar starts to climb. You are following this, right? Well, with these kinds of conditions in play, trading with the US dollar in a currency pair could prove to be relatively interesting, depending on the specific trade you make. The point here is that you have a solid base of information from your fundamental analysis that will assist you with the trade.

It’s Not All Rocket Science

Forex trading is exciting and it is fun. But it is not child’s play, either. The trading activity is serious business and can result in some very serious outcomes depending on what your trade ends up to be. It doesn’t take a high IQ to figure out that sometimes you require some extra homework to guide you through some trading territory. Other times it’s not so complicated. However, that is what keeps Forex trading exciting and fun. As long as you can keep in mind that it is supposed to be fun, you will enjoy it as long as you participate.

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