Best currency pairs to watch in 2018

For the long-term traders, it’s high time to start considering 2018 now that we’re in the final quarter of 2017. And if so, these are the most exciting currency pairs I can think of. EUR/USD It may sound like a cliché, asking a currency trader to watch the US dollar, […]

Advantages of trading crypto currencies

Trading crypto currencies has become very profitable this year, and everyone wants to get into the trend. Conventional trading involves buying your crypto currencies from an exchange, which could be physical or online-based. Regardless, this is just one way of going about it. The other way could be through an […]

Why FX trading is not popular in the US

While forex trading continues to grow and become ever more popular around the world, the practice continues to shrink in the US. This may seem counter intuitive considering the large population and potential market, but it is indeed happening. There are also some reasons for this unpopularity of the forex […]

Trading The Forex Market For Free

There is a way in which you can experience the excitement and thrill of Forex trading without spending a dime. It’s actually a great way to learn the ins and outs of the market if you are either a new trader or thinking of becoming a trader. However, in order […]

Debunking Forex Myths

The Forex market is not immune to rumors, myths and urban legends. For a beginner entering the trading market it can be easy to be distracted by these tall tales. Here are just a few that may be circulating near you: You Can Get Rich Quick Trading Forex This is […]

How To Make Money Trading Forex

Everyone wants to know the answer to that question. For beginners, the key is to look at the long haul as opposed to quick wins. Especially if you are very early in your trading career, the last thing you want to do is make some real bonehead decisions and experience […]