Major FX regulators

Regulation and oversight is essential in all industries, more so in the financial sector. Since the forex market is worldwide, every country should have a regulator to oversee the trade. The role of the regulator is to act as the overseer to the brokers, ensuring they follow the financial laws […]

3 Smart Forex Indicators for a beginner

When trading the forex market, you’re going to need at least one technical indicator to help you along. Staring at the charts won’t be enough in its own, but fortunately, there are many such indicators made just for this purpose. The most popular of them will be available on all […]

Forex Trading Terms

Okay, so you already know some of the lingo, the jargon used in Forex. But there are still a lot of other terms you should be familiar with before you get too involved in the trading world. There’s a lot of common terms but you need to know what they […]