An introduction to candlesticks

For efficient trading in a fast paced Forex market, traders need a chart that provides a wealth of information, that can be processed quickly. Since the late 1800s the Japanese have been using candlestick charts. Whilst traditional data outlets may still use line charts, candlesticks are being used to present […]

What Do Candlesticks Teach Traders?

Candlesticks are valuable tools for traders. They can show many things ranging from the start or end of a trend to indicators of other market activities. In fact, candlesticks are interesting patterns that can become a large part of the trading strategy for a good trader. However, it is always […]

What Is The Inverted Hammer Pattern?

This dual candlestick pattern forms at the bottom part of a downward trend and shows a reversal pattern with two candlesticks. The visual these candlesticks creates resembles an inverted hammer and is an indication of the start of a dominant buying trend where seller activity increases at the end which […]

What Is A Forex Candlestick?

A candlestick is one of many different patterns that form as a result of currency trading activity. There are also several different candlestick formations. They can tell you different things about market activity and can be combined with all kinds of additional forms of analysis to assist you in making […]