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FiNMAX Review

Looking for a good Forex broker can be super hard. It doesn’t always help that the best brokers today may have a bad history with not so popular ways of trading. For many traders, when they hear about binaries, they immediately get turned off, but what they mostly don’t understand is that it was a trend and that it has ended. But some of the worst firms have made such a bad name of binaries that reliable Forex broker like FinMAX have it hard to reach their new clients even though they have given up binaries completely.

Binaries have seen their share of popularity over the years. Unfortunately, the market itself was so “gambly” that many firms started using tricks in order to lure in more and more customers, seeing how profitable the industry was becoming. Because of this many individuals arrived in the market as frauds and stayed as frauds, were able to make some money and run away with it. Therefore leaving legit Forex brokers like FinMAX to the unhappy customers. Thankfully FiNMAX survived the onslaught and is now trading CFD and Forex. Let’s review them.

Information about FiNMAX
First things first. We need to look into their website to find out whether or not they are legit. Looking at the website we can find out a lot of information about the company. On the Front Page we can see that a lot of people have already been trading and making profits with this company.

FiNMAX incorporation details

The moment we enter the website we can spot that the website is registered as property of Morris Processing Ltd, which is a UK-based company, automatically adding more points to it’s credibility. The company is a relative rookie when it comes to Forex brokers, but it’s success on the market just indicated the fact that you will be dealing with professionals who know what they are doing. Remember that it doesn’t matter if the company is 1 week old. It’s important how skilled its employees are. As any other broker, they don’t deem it necessary to have a huge social media presence so don’t get frightened when you find that out.

One of the advantages that we found randomly was when we enter the “Contact Us” bar where the company is listing more than enough phone numbers and locations you can contact them on. FiNMAX Forex broker has that under control. This in all makes them a lot more accessible for customers pretty much all over the world, further adding reliability to them.

To sum it up, FiNMAX is a Forex broker that you can trust in having you in its best interest. We believe that having so many contact numbers on their website makes them one of the most trustworthy brokers we’ve seen. We truly commend them for being accessible for so many regions. We also believe that European brokers will feel most comfortable with FiNMAX

What FiNMAX has to offer
We were very delighted to be able to preview FiNMAX and see what it had to offer. It was a relief when the registration was super easy and it didn’t require a phone number to contact us on. However we did have to use our email which is a normal procedure when registering for something you’ll agree. After previewing the platform maybe making some deposits and trades, the website will ask if you want to disclose you phone number. But the fact is that it will pop up only after you’ve already started trading therefore you won’t have to worry about some foreigner calling you and trying to sell you something. The requirement of the phone number is just in case you will be needed to be contacted by the broker. The platform also offers you a demo account. One thing we forgot to mention was the fact that you don’t need a deposit to activate a live account as well.

Live Account
As we’ve mentioned you don’t need deposits to make a live account meaning you can just preview the platform without spending a penny. Once you activate the real account you will receive the bonus of signals and access to social trading. The platform is pretty basic however and is only available on the browser, but it could be great help for beginners who get scared from all the new fancy trading software.

FiNMAX Review Summary
FiNMAX is a reliable broker, even though they are quite new to the show of Forex trading, they managed to be quite successful in it without having any complaints from the customers, because we just couldn’t find any. We encourage you not to get scared from the company’s past in dealing with binary trading. Trust us nearly every single broker on the planet has tried it’s luck in the binary market and left it as soon as it got full of scammers.

FiNMAX is one of the survivors of the binary industry, making it one of the most trustworthy brokers out there, judging by the fact that it’s previous customers decided to stick with them even after the binary madness.

Overall we believe that FiNMAX is a trustworthy Forex broker, worthy of your attention. We wish both you and FiNMAX good luck in a hopeful joint trading experience.