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EasyMarkets Review

The world of financial trading is complex, competitive and very demanding. While this can certainly is true, today we are going to reveal a FX and CFD brokerage that strives to make the world of online financial trading easy for your. Yes, we are talking about EasyMarkets.


EasyMarkets History

You will be surprised to learn that EasyMarkets is actually one of the world’s oldest FX brokers and back in a day it was one of the largest too. The branded started off in 2001 under the name easy-forex and back then it was mostly operating in the Gulf countries. Two years later it has been granted an Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) license and already in 2007 it has been licensed by the CySEC. Just a few years ago the company has rebranded to easyMarkets and today it offers currencies, crypto, indices and other financial trading opportunities to its clients.

What makes EasyMarkets to stand out?

The answer is pretty much obvious – proprietary trading software, and it does seem to make things much easier for the newcomers to trading.

easyMarkets offers a comfortable trading platform that is available right in your browser. You can choose Day Trading, Forward Deals, Pending Orders, and Vanilla (aka binary) Options trading within the same interface.

One of the key drawbacks of the software is that it comes with no charting. This means that you would have to perform your technical analysis elsewhere. However, there are some unique features that are really worth taking a look.

dealCancellation is some sort of the trading insurance that you cannot get anywhere else. It allows you to cancel a trade that has remained opened for less than an hour. This is a great tool for the people that trade during major economic news releases.

But wait, this is not all. Another thing that makes trading with easyMarkets truly easy is the Freeze Rate button. You have probably heard about the brokers freezing their platforms…well, now you can do the same. With this button you can keep a certain rate for a couple of seconds, and this allows you buying an asset for the price you want.

More advanced traders will, most probably, be a bit happier trading on the old but gold piece of software – MetaTrader 4, which is also available with easyMarkets.

What about trading conditions?

easyMarkets gives you access to more than 300 different financial assets. While the spreads on the uncommon assets (such as USD/ILS or XAG/NZD) may not be too attractive, the brokerage does a great job with offering competitive conditions on the most common trading instruments. For example, its typical EUR/USD spread is around 2 pips, without any commision charged on top.

On top of that, easyMarkets shows all of the details about the contracts, so there are no unpleasant surprises coming your way.

Any other extras?

Whales, aka traders with large deposits, will be happy to learn that easyMarkets offers some VIP conditions. Those are fully customised and should be negotiated with your account manager.

Other than that, non-EU traders can be granted a first-deposit bonus for up to 50% of their deposit value. Also, a mobile phone verification can grant a $25 bonus. Finally, easyMarkets hosts some great FAQs sections regarding the markets and the company itself, so the learning experience is made easy too.

What’s the verdict?

easyMarkets is a brokerage that has some unstained reputation for over 15 years and holds two licenses from the legitimate regulators. In addition to this, its software caters to both beginners and professionals. Hence, we can strongly recommend opting out for this broker.