An introduction to candlesticks

For efficient trading in a fast paced Forex market, traders need a chart that provides a wealth of information, that can be processed quickly. Since the late 1800s the Japanese have been using candlestick charts. Whilst traditional data outlets may still use line charts, candlesticks are being used to present […]

Best currency pairs to watch in 2018

For the long-term traders, it’s high time to start considering 2018 now that we’re in the final quarter of 2017. And if so, these are the most exciting currency pairs I can think of. EUR/USD It may sound like a cliché, asking a currency trader to watch the US dollar, […]

The Japanese Candlestick Explained

This has nothing to do with torture or any other form of intimidation. In fact, the funny thing about candlesticks and Forex trading is that they are a useful instrument in creating visuals related to market activity. They were originally invented by Japanese rice traders back in the 17th century […]

Dual And Triple Candlestick Pattern Trading

When it comes to Forex trading strategies you could just flip a coin but that’s just foolhardy. You could achieve the same results just by tossing money into a vacuum but when you enter the world of Forex trading you do it with one goal in mind – to end […]

There’s A Few More Candlesticks – Triples This Time

Alright, already! The whole candlestick thing it becoming far too much information. First there were single candlestick patterns. Then all of a sudden double candlestick patterns emerged and now there are triples, too? Well, fasten your seatbelts folks. Triple candlestick patterns are out there and if you’ve gone to the […]

Patterns of Japanese Candlesticks

Oddly enough, just like the scented and unscented candles you can buy downtown, Japanese candlesticks come in many different patterns. Only these ones don’t enhance the air you breathe. But knowing how to read them and use them as technical data may go a long way in enhancing your Forex […]

The Anatomy of A Japanese Candlestick

Before you start quizzing us as to what candles and wax have to do with Forex trading, let’s clear this up right away. A Japanese Candlestick is a formation on a chart that can be used as a tool for trading. The cool thing about these candlesticks is that they […]

The Trading Of Support And Resistance

With all your new and incredible knowledge of technical analysis of Forex trading, what are you going to do with it? Sadly, it won’t get you a date nor can you use it to earn a break here and there in bar drinking games. However, the word break can help […]

What Channel Was That On?

We all have a different concept of the word channel. Don’t we? While it is probably commonly connected to the television, channels also exist in waterways and oddly enough, in Forex trading as well. You know that technical analysis includes several different elements, right? Well, channels just happen to be […]

The Wonders of Trend Lines

Trend lines are not tan lines. Nor are they anything related to wrinkles or bad health. Trend lines are wonderful pieces of data that can be used in Forex trading. Well, actually, these kinds of trend lines are pretty much useless anywhere else but in Forex trading. When you are […]

What Is The Best Forex Trading Analysis?

There is an easy answer for this question. Whatever form of analysis you feel the most comfortable with is very likely going to be your best choice. However, you do have three types to choose from and there is nothing that says you can’t bounce back and forth between them, […]

How To Read Different Types of Forex Charts

One of the most interesting and useful secret weapons at your disposal is Forex charts. These are essentially tracking tools that allow you to see or understand potential patterns as they develop. These patterns have historical data that can assist with making a good or a better Forex currency trade. […]

Forex Analysis – Sentiment

You ever hear a song on the radio that makes your memory slip back to a different time? You know, time when your life was far less complicated and probably involved dating or hiking or worries that amounted to what a typical teenager would be concerned about? Then the song […]

Forex Analysis – Fundamental

This form of analysis actually sounds a bit more technical in nature but it really isn’t. The data that you would collect that falls under the category of fundamental analysis would include economic information, social data and political climate conditions. You would then analyze all of these factors and determine […]

Forex Analysis – Technical

There is going to be a time during your Forex trading career when you will start to pay attention to tracking and charting. The information and data that you will use to fill up these pages will be considered a form of analysis. There are actually a number of different […]

Steps On How To Open Your Forex Trading Account

Yay! It’s that day. You are going to open your Forex trading account. It’s far from complicated but it does involve a series of steps. That’s okay. We are here to talk you through them so that you will know exactly what you are going to be experiencing as you […]

History 101 – Retail Forex Trading

Did you know there was a time when Forex trading did not exist? It’s true. It wasn’t all that long ago, either. Back in the days before the internet the mechanics of Forex trading were very different. In fact, it was mostly controlled by governments and giant corporations which would […]

When Is The Best Time of Day to Trade Forex?

Pretty much anytime after your second cup of coffee is a good time to jump into a trading session. Okay, that would work out pretty good if you lived in North America or Great Britain. Otherwise, you’d be spending some quiet quality time with your computer staring at a minor […]

Forex Traps

There are traps in Forex trading? Yes, actually there are but if you know what they are in advance, chances are you will be able to avoid making these mistakes and falling for something that ends up costing you a valuable lesson. They are probably easier for a newcomer to […]

The Structure of the Forex Market

In order to fully understand the ease with which one can work, trade and otherwise move around within the Forex trading market, you have to look at how other markets are constructed. We are not talking supermarkets where you buy groceries, either. Although you may be able to see the […]

Forex Trading vs. Futures

Did someone say they could see the future of Forex through a crystal ball? Well, there are a lot of advantages to trading Forex over futures and none of them include crystal balls, time travel or just about any other gimmick you can think of that would tie into this […]

Forex Trading Vs. Stocks

We knew that sooner or later someone would ask this question. So, let’s cut to the chase. There are some very obvious and not so obvious differences between trading Forex and trading stocks. Probably the biggest difference is how much easier Forex is to follow. Well, that and a whole […]

The Advantages of Forex Trading

There’s got to be an advantage or two to doing something that can increase your knowledge base, skill set and income, right? Otherwise, what is the point of bothering to get involved in the first place? Well, with Forex trading there is a number of different advantages that make this […]

Looking At The Different Ways To Trade Forex

If you have spent any time at a race track, you know that you have several different betting options. The same applies with lottery tickets. The various styles, combinations and choices make these recreational activities a little more enjoyable. You can also say the same thing about Forex trading. That’s […]

Become A Successful Forex Trader With A Demo Account

Remember how much fun it was to pretend while growing up? The pretend games were great because you could be or do just about anything with only your imagination as the limiter. In Forex trading you can actually pretend you are a full-blown, professional trader with something called a demo […]

Forex Lots – What Are They?

There’s a lot to be said about lots. Did you see what we did just there? We used the words lots and turned it into two different meanings. In the real world a lot or lots are a reference to an area. In Forex a lot is a term of […]

The Different Types of Forex Orders

How boring would it be to go to an ice cream shop and discover all they offer is vanilla ice cream? Sure, if you are a fan of vanilla it would make for a great day but what about those of us who like chocolate? Forex trading is a little […]

When To Buy Or Sell Currencies

The decision as to when to buy or sell currencies is as important as deciding what to wear to the office this morning or what to have for breakfast. In Forex, timing is crucial. It is so much so that your success in trading will actually hinge on it. Not […]

Can an offshore FX regulator be trusted?

If you’re reading this, then you have probably identified a really good broker with all the qualities you were looking for, except that they are regulated by an offshore regulator. Now you’re wondering whether you can trust this regulator to do as they claim on their website. Most of us […]

Forex basics

Saying Forex basics is simple is partly correct. Saying Forex baiscs is complex is also partly correct. The area between the two is directly related to the volatility of the currency market at any given time. It’s both exciting and dull. It’s both winning and losing. It’s a lot of […]

Major FX regulators

Regulation and oversight is essential in all industries, more so in the financial sector. Since the forex market is worldwide, every country should have a regulator to oversee the trade. The role of the regulator is to act as the overseer to the brokers, ensuring they follow the financial laws […]

Advantages of trading crypto currencies

Trading crypto currencies has become very profitable this year, and everyone wants to get into the trend. Conventional trading involves buying your crypto currencies from an exchange, which could be physical or online-based. Regardless, this is just one way of going about it. The other way could be through an […]

Why FX trading is not popular in the US

While forex trading continues to grow and become ever more popular around the world, the practice continues to shrink in the US. This may seem counter intuitive considering the large population and potential market, but it is indeed happening. There are also some reasons for this unpopularity of the forex […]

Debunking Forex Myths

The Forex market is not immune to rumors, myths and urban legends. For a beginner entering the trading market it can be easy to be distracted by these tall tales. Here are just a few that may be circulating near you: You Can Get Rich Quick Trading Forex This is […]

The Asian Trading Session

One of the best things about the Forex trading market is that sessions take place around the clock thanks to trading locations around the globe. One such example is the Asian trading market. In fact, the Asian market sort of has two different starts to it. The Sydney market opens […]

The USA Trading Session

The Largest Forex Trading Session – New York It opens at 8:00 AM EDT and as a result overlaps the London session – the largest of the Forex trading sessions – for a total of four hours. The majority of activity in the New York session is in the first […]

European Trading Session

Volatile. That’s a pretty descriptive word and in the world of Forex trading it paints quite a picture. Well, not only is the European/London market described by that word (well, actually, it is called The Most Volatile) it also has the distinction of being the most traded session of all […]